Everyone experiences emotional pain at some time in their life. Our emotional health influences every part of our lives, and when emotional distress becomes severe or debilitating, it may be time to consider therapeutic support. One person's story can involve many losses. Not only loss through the death of a loved one, but loss of a sense of self after a experiencing something like a separation, a major illness, an accident or a retrenchment. Symptoms of loss are often characterised by sadness or loneliness or grief, but these emotions can often be hidden under feelings like anger, guilt or anxiety. Adults seeking therapy experience a wide range of problems such as relationship stress, problematic and recurring thoughts, low self-esteem, and feelings of tension or sadness. Some adults come to talk about themselves. Some come to talk about their relationships with their partners or children. Some come to talk about their distress with their original family. Anxiety, depression and relationship distress can often come from a combination of these factors that affect how our needs are met and how we feel about ourselves as a result. Everyday People Psychology & Family Therapy is a confidential, and non-judgmental therapeutic alliance that aims to facilitate exploration and resolution of distressing feelings, emotional reactions, and problematic thoughts and behaviours. Its aim is to provide a quality service to reduce individual suffering and facilitate relationship change. Therapy may be helpful if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
  • Anxiety, ongoing worries about the past, present, and future
  • Feelings of loss, sadness, depression and guilt
  • Marital distress, adjusting to separation or divorce
  • Obsessive thoughts and repetitive behaviours
  • Couple and family relationship distress
  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs, work, internet etc
  • Eating and sleeping related issues
  • Lacking motivation or energy to do things